Yard Too Small for Pool Construction? Think Again …

Yard Too Small for Pool Construction? Think Again …
March 21, 2019 sdcadmin
4 Questions to Ask When Designing Your Pool

You’ve always wanted a swimming pool to complement your California High Desert property, but you think there’s just no room in your landscape to build one. You may be quite surprised to find out that skilled pool construction experts know how to apply innovative installation techniques and creative design techniques that allow even small landscapes to accommodate a swimming pool. It’s not only the size of a pool but also its shape that counts.


The Expertise Behind a Pool’s Construction

You can’t trust an important investment like a swimming pool to just anyone. If you do, you may be rolling the dice and crossing your fingers just hoping you’ll end up with a beautiful and problem-free aquascape. When you do your homework to find a company that excels in pool construction, look for certain experts on the company’s team. For example, look for companies that have pool architects and pool designers on staff. These professionals will evaluate your landscape to determine what type, size and shape of pool is the best choice.


The Work During a Pool’s Construction

Even before the excavation crew begins to dig in your landscape, you may want to check with a pool company to find out if it oversees each step of your pool’s construction. Without this important element in place, your pool may be haphazardly constructed by outsourced technicians who aren’t really working together toward the same goal.


The Inspection After a Pool’s Construction

A pool company shouldn’t be too quick to leave a newly constructed pool before it thoroughly inspects every facet of the new project and troubleshoots any potential problems. And it’s a bonus if the pool construction company also offers servicing and maintenance options. Who better than the company that designed and constructed your pool to handle its service and maintenance needs also?

You’ll find comprehensive pool services at Alan Jackson Pools Inc. – design, construction, service, and maintenance. Contact us to discuss the pool project you have in mind, and ask us any questions you have about it. Even if you think your landscape in Santa Clarita, Palmdale or Lancaster is too small to accommodate a pool, allow us to give our honest evaluation and make recommendations.

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