3 Benefits of a Custom Pool Design

3 Benefits of a Custom Pool Design
March 28, 2019 sdcadmin

You put substantial effort into creating just the right look with your landscaping. Balancing beauty, sustainability, and usability isn’t always easy in the Southern California heat. In fact, you probably brought in professionals to help with just that. So, when it’s time for a pool install, does it make more sense to buy a standard pool or hire a custom pool designer? Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits of a custom pool design. The marriage of beautiful landscape design and a brilliant aquascape design elevates any Southern California yard from “so-so” to “so spectacular.” Pool designing should enhance your landscape instead of making it look disjointed. When turfgrass, landscape plants, hardscapes, and water features seamlessly flow together … instead of looking like standalone afterthoughts … your backyard truly becomes a private oasis that soothes your senses.

Visual Integration

If you’ve spent the time to create a specific visual look and feel, a standard pool won’t blend well with the landscaping. It offers plenty of usability, but it’s short on beauty. A custom pool design can integrate materials that will blend seamlessly with its surroundings. It’ll look as though the pool was there from day one. The pool becomes one more supporting element in your quest for a beautiful home.


Standard pools require a lot of water. It takes approximately 20,000 gallons to fill an average pool, to say nothing of larger pools. With a custom pool design, you can opt for a smaller or shallower pool that requires less water. It taxes the water supply less while still providing you the luxuries of a pool at your home.

Less Commuting

Many clubs and gyms provide pool access to their members. That’s an excellent option for days when you go to your club or gym. It’s less ideal after a long day when all you can think about is going home. With a pool built to your specifications right outside, there is no need for an extra trip. You can just walk into your backyard and take a relaxing dip.

A custom pool offers you several practical benefits, from seamless integration with your existing landscaping to less unnecessary commuting to a club or gym. It even affords you an opportunity for a more sustainable lifestyle than a standard pool. If you’re ready to take advantage of these benefits, contact us today.

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