Shock Your Pool After These 3 Events

Shock Your Pool After These 3 Events
March 14, 2019 sdcadmin

When most people think of chlorine, they think of swimming pools. You may ask yourself why chlorine is a necessary part of pool maintenance? The answer is simple enough. Pool water is the perfect medium to harbor bacteria, algae, and other unwanted debris that are not only unsightly but can also pose a health hazard to people. Chlorine kills these potentially harmful substances. Every so often you will need to shock your pool to keep it in optimum condition.

What Does It Mean to Shock Your Pool

Think of shocking your pool as giving the chlorine a helping hand. Anytime people enter the pool, they introduce substances such as skin cells, hair, dirt, lotion, hair products, and more with them. Substances can also enter the pool from rain, wind, and other outdoor elements. This can cause rapid growth in bacteria. Shocking your pool helps to remove these contaminants. Every pool is different and should be shocked regularly. Let’s take a look at 3 events that warrant shocking your pool, apart from the regular schedule.

After a Pool Party

It is recommended to shock your pool after any type of pool party, or excessive use.  The reason being is that with heavy use also comes a heavy load of organic matter from hair, skin, lotions etc.. Shocking your pool will help reset the chlorine levels to normal.

After a Heavy Rain

You might think there is no way that rain falling from the sky can cause a problem in your pool. Think again! The problem is not with the rain itself, it’s with the contaminants that come with it. This can cause organic substances in the pool to multiply at a faster rate, that the chlorine can’t keep up with. Shocking your pool will restore balance.

Water Change

Although the water coming out of your garden hose is most likely clean, there are still organic contaminants which can throw off the balance of your pool. It is good practice to shock your pool before it is used for the first time after a water change.

Shocking your swimming pool is an important part of pool maintenance. The team at Alan Jackson Pools has years of experience installing and maintaining your swimming pool. They are here for all your pool needs. Contact us for more information on how we can make your pool sparkle!

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