Understanding Why Your Pool Leaks When The Pump Is Running

Understanding Why Your Pool Leaks When The Pump Is Running
March 22, 2017 sdcpm
Understanding Why Your Pool Leaks When The Pump Is Running

Nothing brings quite as much refreshment and joy as a swimming pool in the heat of summer. Yet a pool that isn’t working the way it should, can also bring a lot of unnecessary stress. This is especially true of pool pump systems that have developed mysterious leaks. If you would like to learn more about what causes such leaks, read on. This article will discuss leaks that occur specifically when your pump is running. 

Return Leaks 

The water from your pool is kept fresh and clean by means of the pump system. This system periodically draws water out of your pool, passes it through a series of treatment filters, and then pumps it back into the pool. Thus a pump system has two main halves: the suction side and the return side. Return leaks are those that occur as water is being sent back into your pool.

High Pressure 

Return leaks are also often referred to as pressure-side leaks. This refers to the fact that the return half of your system is under a lot of pressure when the pump is running. This elevated pressure can allow water to escape from even the tiniest of holes or cracks in the network of pipes leading back to your pool.

Yet these leaks tend to mysteriously disappear as soon as your pump turns off. That’s because, when the pump stops running the pressure on the return-side of the system goes down drastically. In other words, there simply isn’t enough pressure to force water out through those tiny cracks. Of course, if you allow the problem to persist long enough, you may find yourself faced with larger and near-constant leaks.

If your pool system has a return leak in need of repair, please don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Alan Jackson Pools.



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