Make Your Pool Look Natural With Your Yard

Make Your Pool Look Natural With Your Yard
March 15, 2017 sdcpm
Make Your Pool Look Natural With Your Yard

Designing A Pool To Integrate With Your Yard Surroundings

Looking to make your pool a natural part of your yard design? Then you need to follow these simple pool design tips.

Don’t Fight Your Yard: Work With It

When trying to make your pool look “natural” with your yard, you shouldn’t fight too hard against its natural look. This will not only add a lot of money to your installation cost, but it will also defeat the purpose. Work with your yard to create a pool that looks like it truly belongs, such as creating a multi-level pool on uneven ground.

Integrate The Natural Surroundings

Beyond using the natural scope of your yard to influence your pool design is integrating the surroundings into the design. For example, don’t cut down a tree if it seems to get in the way of your pool: use it in some way. While you obviously can’t put a pool too close to a tree (as the roots are likely to get in the way) you can use its overhanging branches for shade or other natural touches.

Make Sure To Install Heavy Filters

Beyond these simple design tips, it is important to install heavy filters and check them regularly. This is doubly important because of the ways that the natural surroundings could cause leaves, dirt, and other items to fall into the pool. One way to avoid this problem is to install a sort of natural waterfall that filters the water naturally and helps keep buildups of gunk from occurring.

If you are interested in integrating your pool into its natural environment in a fun and engaging way, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more. We can help you maximize your pool style.

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