Pool Construction Tips That WILL Save You Money

Pool Construction Tips That WILL Save You Money
March 29, 2017 sdcpm

Are you looking to install a pool but want to save money on the deal? Then you need to consider these simple pool construction tips. They will ensure that you get a pool at a fair price and that you don’t spend too much money fixing mistakes that you could have avoided from the beginning.

Use Pipes Over Two-Inches In Diameter

When trying to decide on pool pipe sizes, always use ones that are two inches or larger. They should have no reductions, as this will decrease the amount of water they move. The idea here is to strike a balance between the cost of installation and the water flow. Two inches is the perfect diameter for this purpose.

Buy A Two-Speed Pump

Some pool construction experts will try to sell you on one-speed pumps, but you should ignore them. A two-speed pump lets you adjust the flow of your water depending on the time of the year.

For example, it can help clean out pollen and other contaminants during the spring. Failure to get a two-speed pump could cost you hundreds of dollars in cleaning fees every year.

Choose The Right Sized Pool

Consider a few important factors about your pool before choosing its size. How many people will be in it on average? Will small children be swimming in it or mostly adults? Why are you installing the pool?

The latter question is particularly important. If you just want a place to cool down in the summer, a smaller pool will work. Larger and longer pools are necessary for those who want to swim laps.

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