The Best Pool Design Options for Your Small Backyard

The Best Pool Design Options for Your Small Backyard
November 1, 2018 sdcdev
The Best Pool Design Options for Your Small Backyard

We have all seen those swimming pools that are lavishly laid out with landscaping to look like a hidden paradise within a backyard. They are often found in magazines, on television, and of course, tucked away behind large homes. They paint a picture of luxury that most of us feel we cannot take part in. The good news is; you can have it. There are people that can help you choose the best pool design options for even small backyards. As a bonus, they can help you not only with the pool designing process, but the overall design for your landscape to ensure you have your own private paradise without leaving home.


Size Does Matter

One of the first things you have to do when you have a small backyard area is to realize that size matters. However, it isn’t the size of your pool that you have to think about. Just the area that your pool will fit into. You have to stop thinking about how you cannot put a pool there and figure out what you need to do to be able to put a pool there. More and more people are building houses without much of a backyard to enjoy. Do you think they have to give up on a pool because they couldn’t have tons of space? No. They simply opt to have help with pool designing so that it can fit with the atmosphere that they want to create within their tiny space.


Ditch Traditional Ideas

We live in a modern world. This means that you do not have to create a pool space that is like all others that you have heard about. In a small area of your yard, you can create a paradise unlike all others by simply prioritizing your pool. If you are concerned that you will not have space for your patio; build a patio that wraps around your pool. Even if the patio ends up taking over your entire lawn; you can add potted trees, stones, a fire pit, and more to the space to make it feel the way you want it to. Your pool does not have to be a rectangle or a circle. Bean-shaped pools are popular for smaller yards and you can build a patio around them to maximize space outside of the pool if you want. You can also take it one step further and add a stone wall for a waterfall feature on one side of the pool.


Tips on Choosing Your Perfect Pool

There is nothing basic about a swimming pool beyond the fact that they all hold water. To start creating your own oasis, you should start by surveying what your area looks like and decide what type of pool you want. How deep do you want it to go, how gradually does it need to get deeper? Pools are unique and each one can be different from all others based on what you want it to become. For instance, if you have a tree in the corner of your yard that you do not want to remove; imagine a pool that curves around it. Perhaps you have shrubs that you do not want to sacrifice. You can build a patio around them and move your pool away from them.


If you can dream it Alan Jackson Pools can help you design a pool that will meet or exceed all your dreams. All you have to do is contact us and we will guide you through creating a hidden paradise in Southern California.

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