The Top 5 Qualities to Seek in a Pool Installation Company

The Top 5 Qualities to Seek in a Pool Installation Company
November 8, 2018 sdcdev

Not all pool installation companies are created equal. As the owner of a home or business, it is up to you to carefully evaluate pool installation companies to ensure that you select the provider who will deliver precision installation. Below are the top five qualities to seek in a pool installation provider.


Top Quality Tools and Materials

Your pool’s longevity should your pool installer’s top priority. The best way to ensure that your pool will last a lifetime is to use the highest quality tools and materials during the excavation and pool installation processes. In particular, the plumbing and wall construction materials should be robust.


A Professional Approach

Installing a pool will require pool installation technicians to be on your property for an extended time period. California’s top pool installers carefully screen their employees and ensure that they are prompt, professional, and properly dressed to install your pool.


Favorable Rates

Be sure to request a quotation in writing prior to committing to an installation company. Your installation provider should offer fair pricing and a variety of payment methods. Some providers even offer the option of remitting payment in installments using an online platform.


Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

While it is rare, accidents can happen during the pool installation process. The company you choose should have the proper insurance and should be bonded and licensed by the state of California. Make sure you ask your installer to provide you with proof of licensure.


Outstanding Customer Reviews

Your pool installer should be able to provide references of customers in your area without delay. Before you enlist the services of an installation company, be sure to contact the references provided to make sure you are working with a trusted provider.


The Bottom Line

Quality materials, affordable pricing, and a superb reputation are the cornerstones of a successful pool installation. The installation experts at Alan Jackson Pools exhibit these qualities on a daily basis and have earned the business of hundreds of homeowners and business owners in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We invite you to contact us to find out why we are Southern California’s most accomplished pool installation company. We look forward to hearing from you!

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