Pool Construction: Bigger is Not Always Better

Pool Construction: Bigger is Not Always Better
May 25, 2017 sdcpm

Size is definitely relative, and it’s no different when it comes to your swimming pool. Adding a petite and pretty pool to your backyard can easily help you achieve the home transformation that you’re looking for. Small pools are especially ideal for people who are budget conscious, or people who have limited backyard space. When it comes to pool construction, bigger is not always better.

Take a look at some pretty awesome small pool ideas.

  • Small Square
  • Small Rectangle
  • Small Kidney
  • Small Circle
  • Small Basin
  • Plunge Bath
  • Small Lap Pool

Consider a small square shaped pool enclosed by a wooden platform, or even a small rectangular shaped pool that’s nestled in between your home and your landscaping. Small pools can take on just about any shape, even including circular, kidney, or geometric, and still create the outdoor splash that you have always dreamed of. You can design a small basin and have it placed in the middle of your garden, or a small plunge bath anywhere you choose. Small lap pools have grown in popularity lately due to size and cost. Lap pools are narrow pools typically designed for swimming laps, but that’s what makes them so ideal for people wanting smaller pools. You get the benefit of a pool at a fraction of the cost. They are long and lean, making them perfect behind the length of your house.

No matter what size or type of swimming pool that you choose, it will turn any dull or boring backyard space into something that encourages family fun, recreation, and relaxation.

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