Top 3 Reasons Why Pool Maintenance Is So Important

Top 3 Reasons Why Pool Maintenance Is So Important
October 5, 2017 sdcpm
Top 3 Reasons Why Pool Maintenance Is So Important

While a swimming pool makes an amazing addition to your home, it is also a known breeding ground for things like bacteria and algae. After all, it is constantly exposed to dirt, debris, swimmers, animals, and the elements, all of which can lead to contamination. So it’s extremely important that your pool is properly maintained so that it not only looks nice, but it’s healthy to swim in as well.


Test the Water 

The only way to really know what’s going on with the water is to test it. You can do this simply with a water testing kit that will allow you to see your pool’s chlorine and pH levels. Then, based on these levels, you’ll know exactly what chemicals you’ll need and how much of them.


Skim the Water 

Regular skimming is crucial in keeping a pool clean. All sorts of things, including bugs, leaves, and other debris will get into the pool and start to accumulate on the surface of the water. You can handle this issue by skimming your pool as often as you can or at a minimum twice a week. Don’t forget to clean out the skimmer bucket regularly, too, as this can easily fill up.


Clean the Bottom 

Unfortunately, not all debris is going to stay floating on the top of the pool. Dirt and debris will also gather and accumulate on the bottom of your pool. You can either use a handheld pool vacuum or an automatic one to keep it clean.


If doing all these things yourself seem a bit overwhelming, consider hiring a professional pool service to help. They will have all of the necessary chemicals and equipment needed. Contact us today to get started.

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