Pool Installation Safety Tips

Pool Installation Safety Tips
October 12, 2017 sdcpm
Pool Installation Safety Tips

Having a new pool installed is somewhat comparable to adopting a new puppy in the sense that you’re about to take on a whole new responsibility. You will get a lot more peace of mind and enjoyment out of your pool knowing that is the safest that you can get it. Take a look at some of these pool installation safety tips.



It’s very important that your pool is correctly fenced off. This means a fence enclosure that is at least 4 feet high and has gates that are self-closing and self-latching. The gates should also open away from the pool and not towards it.



Having the correct cover for your pool is another very important step. Not only is it an added layer of protection, but it will also reduce evaporation and heat loss. Don’t let water accumulate on top of the cover. You should always make sure that the cover is properly secured on all sides and corners so that a child cannot slip under it.



Having an alarm and an in-pool motion detector will alert you if someone is in the water. You can also get them for doors, fences, and even for your children and pets.



In order to prevent things like hair from getting caught in your pool, you’ll need to make sure that you have the proper drain covers. It’s also a good idea to have 2 drains installed in order to cut the pressure from each drain in half.


Additional Safety Tips 

Keep all pool chemicals locked up in a safe location. Never, ever leave your children unsupervised in or around the pool. Have emergency instructions posted, such as CPR instructions, emergency numbers, and warning signs.


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