Top 6 Pool Design Themes

Top 6 Pool Design Themes
September 28, 2017 sdcpm
Top 6 Pool Design Themes

There is more to pool designing than digging a hole and having concrete poured into your back yard. To create a truly relaxing backyard oasis you should plan to build and landscape using a theme. Choosing a theme will allow you to combine cohesive elements such as decking, plants, furniture, and extra elements that form a vacation paradise in your own back yard.


Grecian theme

To create a Grecian themed setting, choose white marble or natural tile decking to surround the pool. Add some decorative tiles to the inside edge of the pool for a classic Greek look. Tall, white Grecian columns, bright green grass, and tall, elegant plants create a timeless look.


Country Garden theme

Natural stone walkways, potted shrubs like boxwoods and junipers, and English ivy overflowing from pots create a quaint country garden theme. Wrought iron chaise lounges with crisp cotton cushions and curly iron chairs give visitors a place to sip tea and relax.


Zen Experience

Dark wood decking or oversize beige tiles form the foundation for a calming zen experience. Wooden chaise lounges with natural cotton cushions, green bonsai plants in terracotta planters, and tinkling water fountains complete the relaxing feel. A steam sauna or hot tub offers the perfect place to unwind after a long day at work.


Tropical Oasis

To create your own tropical island in your back yard, use large rocks and tropical greenery. Palms, hibiscus, and bright orchids in colorful pots create a cheerful feeling. A natural waterfall helps mimic the feel of the islands.  Add a fire pit on a sandy beach for entertaining your friends. Crushed shells added to the concrete of the decking add to the beachy theme.


The Entertainer

If you are the social butterfly and love to entertain, a pool is the perfect place to impress your friends. Be sure to add plenty of seating areas around the edges. Plan an outdoor bar or backyard pool house, complete with big screen television and stereo surround system.  Make sure you add a hot tub. For barbecues with the family, have a built in grill installed.


The Loner

Sometimes you just want to come home and forget about your day. Your pool is the perfect place to relax and reflect on your day. Have some tall fiberglass or wooden privacy fencing installed. Tall potted plants or shrubs also add a natural barrier.


A pool is more than just a hole in the ground filled with water. Pool designing should be an experience that adds just the right theme to your backyard.  Think about your personality, your needs, and your family.  Which theme works best for you?  Our designers can help you create the perfect outdoor environment.  Contact us and let us help plan your themed landscape.

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