Pool Installation: Understanding the Process

Pool Installation: Understanding the Process
March 1, 2017 sdcpm

The idea of having a pool installed can seem a bit intimidating, especially if you don’t understand how the process works. Once you have a grasp on what is going on and what exactly to expect, though, it definitely becomes more exciting. Keep reading to learn more about the whole pool installation process.

Design and Proposal 

Before you can begin the process you’ll need to meet with a professional designer to discuss what it is that you’re looking for in your pool and your landscaping layout. The designer will have to take a survey of the area, noting things like the dimensions of the home and the lot, positioning, accessibility, and utility locations. After a few days the designer will then give you a proposal.

Approvals and Permits  

Before any building can take place, all permits and necessary approvals need acquiring. Speak to your designer about who is responsible for doing what. This will include things like construction permits, utility permits, and any additional permits needed for other things, along with any other inspections or building codes that you must comply with.


Here’s a basic idea of what to expect during the actual installation of the pool.

  • layout
  • excavation
  • structure
  • stub out
  • floor application
  • tile and coping
  • plumbing
  • equipment
  • electric and gas

Finishing Up

The final steps in the pool installation process include deck/patio layout, site cleanup, pool finish, and pool start-up. All waste and construction materials are then removed as the interior of the pool is prepared for completion. Once that’s done the pool is then filled with water and you’re nearing the final stages. All equipment is then started up and inspected, leaving you just steps away from enjoying your new pool.

Contact us at Alan Jackson Pools for more help on understanding the pool installation process, and to get started today!

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