Pool Designing: Popular Add-On Features

Pool Designing: Popular Add-On Features
February 22, 2017 sdcpm

Adding a pool to your backyard can do so much for your home and your family. There are so many designs and ideas to make your pool everything you have ever dreamed about and more. When it comes to pool designing, take a look at a few popular add-on features that can really intensify the excitement of the whole process.


When you think of add-on features, you probably think of waterfalls first. That’s because this very popular pool enhancement has proven as a worthy one for many years now. It’s truly an elegant addition to any area of your pool or backyard. Waterfalls range in style from being very simple to very ornate, even including rock waterfalls.


In addition to waterfalls, or even as an alternative to them, fountains are a great way to add some amazing style and peacefulness to your pool. There is really no sound more soothing than the sound of trickling water while you relax by the pool. You have different fountain options, including floating, spillovers, and more.


There really is no limit to what you can do to personalize your pool. Adding some decorative accents to it is the perfect way to put your own personal touch into it. Have fun making it a reflection of your taste and your lifestyle.

Pool Bar

If you really want to get fancy, consider adding a pool bar. This means that you will have seating built right into your pool and in front of your bar, just like as if you were at a resort. It’s the perfect and most convenient way to enjoy refreshments.

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