Why do I need Pool Service?

Why do I need Pool Service?
March 8, 2017 sdcpm
Why do I need Pool Service?

Pools add value to our homes but how can we make sure they are getting cared for properly.

Why do I need Pool Service?

Today I’d like to discuss with you importance of proper pool service and maintenance. Why you need it and why it benefits you in the long run. Caring for your pool properly is not only necessary but required by law in most states. Green pools are a major health hazard, as it attracts mosquitos which carry viruses. Another benefit is that the cost to maintain the equipment is much less expensive. Proper cleaning and lubricating parts will make sure your pool is functioning at optimal condition.

Balancing the chemicals of the pool is a daunting task for any homeowner. How much chlorine do I use? When do I add pool acid, or do I at all? Stabilizer, tabs, D.E. powder and even start-up chemicals are all part of maintaining a healthy pool.

Most of us aren’t familiar with pressurized systems and working with toxic chemicals. Which is why I recommend a professional. Weekly or even Bi-Weekly pool service takes the hassle away from the homeowner and gives them the piece of mind, knowing the correct chemicals and maintenance get completed for a small fee. We always tell our customers to just relax and enjoy the pool, we’ll do all the work.

When you hire a professional to help you maintain your pool they ensure all chemicals get balanced and the equipment is running properly. They will test the pool chemicals every stop. As well as, checking pop-ups, automatic pool cleaners, and emptying pump baskets both at the skimmer and back at the equipment.

Living in the Palmdale area? Please contact us to inquire about Pool service in your area.

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