You’ve Got Cloudy Water In Your Pool: What Is The Reason?

You’ve Got Cloudy Water In Your Pool: What Is The Reason?
February 15, 2017 sdcpm

Has the water in your pool started getting cloudier than you’d like? There’s a chance that it is suffering from one of these four common problems. Here’s how you can diagnose and fix these problems on your own or with the help of a pool specialist.

Suspended Particles

If the pH or alkalinity of your pool is too high, certain types of hardened salts may begin to dissolve in your pool. Solving this problem requires immediately lowering these levels by adding dry acid to the pool until the correct acidity is obtained.

Excessive Pollution

When you jump in a pool, the water washes away oil and dirt from your body. Chlorine and filtration should take care of it, and if it doesn’t, you need to add a water clarifier to help clean up the water. You also need to clean your filter to keep buildup from taking over.

Too Much Water Stabilizer

While stabilizer is an important way of keeping your pool clean, too much will make your chlorine ineffective. Draining some of your pool water to decrease your levels of stabilizer or supercholorinate for a period of a few days.

Blocked Filter

Last, but not least, is a blocked filter. This condition should be obvious, as an excessive level of dirt and contaminants will be easy to spot. Clean these out and replace your filter or purchase an entirely new model.

If you don’t feel confident enough to tackle these pool problems on your own, please contact us today. We can provide you with high-quality pool service that gets your water back to prime shape quickly and easily.

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