Why Have Year-Round Pool Service

Why Have Year-Round Pool Service
November 19, 2020 sdcpm

Most people associate swimming with the summer and think that they only have to maintain their pool between May and September. There are, however, good reasons to keep your pool service going for the whole year.

Inspecting for Problems

Winter weather can be hard on the accessories and pool infrastructure. So can months of neglect. It can leave small tears in filters and rust on various moving parts. These are the kinds of problems that can grow bigger if they are ignored through the winter months, and that can make re-opening the pool in the summer far more expensive as you have to repair it before you can use it. A maintenance schedule that goes into the fall and winter allows a professional to catch these small issues before they mushroom.

Using the Pool All-Year

Not everyone wants to close up the pool once a year. Some people like taking a quick dip in cool weather. Some places don’t cool down significantly until late in the winter and, even then, don’t get too cold for a nice swim. Swimming is a great way to stay in shape, can make you feel so much more comfortable after a long hard day, and is a lot of fun. If you maintain your pool throughout the year, you can keep using it and get all these benefits.


Keeping track of when to start and stop things is a pain. Sometimes, you just want a thing to reliably happen at the same time all the year. In the midst of everything else you might be dealing with in May or June, you might not want to have to call up the pool company once again to re-negotiate when they come over. If they come at the same time every week, you can talk to your pool professional when they show up to discuss any changes in the schedule that you need.

We pride ourselves in having a flexible and responsive pool service program, so if you want to hear more about your maintenance options, contact us.

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