5 Exotic Design Options for In-Ground Swimming Pools

5 Exotic Design Options for In-Ground Swimming Pools
November 24, 2020 sdcpm
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Are you looking to take your outdoor swimming pool to the next level and make your backyard stand out from your neighbors? There are many elaborate design elements available that will make your swimming pool area more exotic and sophisticated. Here are five design options that will give your home a swimming pool that friends and family will never forget.

1. Beach Entry

A beach entry is a sloped opening in an in-ground swimming pool. Beach entries are designed to make it easier to get in and out of your swimming pool by replacing traditional ladders and steps with a more convenient slow, gradual, entry. They are often seen at amusement parks and high-end hotel resorts. Not only will they make your swimming pool more attractive, but they will also prevent injuries and make your swimming pool more accessible for elderly or disabled friends and family members.

2. Rock Waterfalls

Adding rock waterfalls to your outdoor swimming pool is a great way to make your pool look unique and enhance its aesthetic value. No exotic experience is complete without the relaxing sound of cascading water trickling down beautiful rock formations. Rock waterfalls are very customizable and will last for many years to come.

3. Fire Bowls

Fire bowls have become an increasingly popular option for anyone looking to add an exotic flare to their swimming pool area. Adding fire to your pool area will complement other pool features you may have such as waterfalls and LED lights. They will also provide a mesmerizing source of lighting for your entire backyard.

4. Pool Spas

Pool spas will give you the convenience of having a relaxing hot tub next to your outdoor swimming pool that many people can only dream of. Adding a spa to your pool will instantly make it more elaborate and luxurious. If you’re looking to take your swimming pool area to the next level and increase the value of your home, look no further than pool spas!

5. LED Lights

Fluorescent LED lighting will provide another source of lighting for your pool and make it look beautiful in the process. Compared to other lighting options, LED lights have an above-average lifespan and will save you a lot of money on energy costs in the long run. LED lights come in many colors and tones and offers tremendous benefits to your swimming pool area.

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