Top FAQs You Should Ask Before Installing a Pool

Top FAQs You Should Ask Before Installing a Pool
November 12, 2020 sdcpm

Buying and installing a pool is a big investment, one that you will enjoy for years to come. However, it is a big decision. There are different types and sizes that you can get. You may also want to have it installed. As you go through this process, you probably have a lot of questions.

Here are some of the top questions that we get asked.

What are the laws and regulations that I need to know about before I start the process of having a pool installed?

Since every city or municipality is different, you need to contact your local authorities prior to building a pool (both above and in-ground).

You may need to have a building permit and laws about where you can put your pool in your yard. You may need to follow certain safety rules, like whether or not you need a fence around your pool. You want to stay away from electrical lines as well as other lines that may be buried underneath your yard.

We can help you through this process to make sure that everything is done properly so that you won’t have any trouble.

Does your quote include all of the necessary work that will need to be done?

Though quotes should be considered an estimate, and you may realize that you may have to pay a little more, you shouldn’t have sticker shock when you get the total.

For this reason, you may ask your builder if you should expect anything else. Many builders know that they may hit rock when they start digging. This can really increase the price of your pool. Some may ask for more money if they struggle, while others offer a “rock clause” to protect you from this extra expense.

If you have any other questions or are even thinking about installing a pool, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We will be glad to help you through the entire process so you can enjoy your pool as quickly as possible.

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