Things to Consider When Installing a Pool at Your Business

Things to Consider When Installing a Pool at Your Business
November 5, 2020 sdcpm
Custom Pool Landscape Design for Your Outdoor Oasis

Businesses that install pools as part of their property face a few obstacles. Fortunately, these obstacles can be managed so that your business has a lovely pool. You just have to take the following into consideration when you install it.

Talk to Your Municipality’s Planning Board

There will be rules about the pool’s design, such as whether fences or steps are required. You will want to take these rules into account when designing the pool and talking to your contractor about what it should be like. Smoothing things over with City Hall will also help avoid delays due to things such as the neighbors petitioning the city.

Consider Who Your Typical Guest Is

Every company has a demographic that they cater to. If you know your hotel hosts a lot of families with children, you will want to make your pool child-friendly. Does your bed-and-breakfast crowd skew older? You’ll want to accommodate any mobility issues they might have.

Pick Super-Safe Construction Materials

With many people using your pool, you need to make it as safe for them to use as possible. Any materials, such as tile, have to be evaluated for their heat retention and slip resistance. You want to pick a surface that will be easy on your guests’ feet and that won’t let them trip. Pavers with slip-resistant coverings and treated concrete are good options for that.

Pick Your Area with Care

Your pool’s success with your guests will depend heavily on its location. People will want to use it more if it is in full sunlight. Your pool’s location will also change how much you have to spend on maintenance and the initial installation. For instance, keeping your pool away from trees will spare it from leaves staining the pool surfaces and from roots interfering with the shell. It’s a good idea to pick a place that is already flat to reduce the time it takes to build it.

Get a Good Pool Construction Company

Be sure to look for a company with a lot of experience in commercial pool construction and design. That way they will be able to help you figure out what will work for your company.

Fortunately, Alan Jackson Pools has plenty of experience with installing in-ground pools. Contact us for more information.

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