Three Features to Add to Your Pool Landscape Design

Three Features to Add to Your Pool Landscape Design
September 3, 2020 sdcadmin
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While your pool is definitely the most important feature of your backyard, it is also important that you landscape the area around your pool. This can help to make your pool more enjoyable and create a finished look for your backyard. There are a lot of beneficial and cool features that you can add to your pool landscape design and three of them will be discussed here.

Stamped Concrete

An awesome landscape feature to look into installing around your pool is stamped concrete. The great thing about getting stamped concrete instead of regular concrete is that you have a lot more options in terms of design, style, color, etc. You can choose from a variety of prints and patterns for your concrete stamp, and you can also choose from several colors as well. This allows you to find a style of stamped concrete that goes well with your pool and fits in well with the rest of your landscape design.


Installing a pergola near your pool creates the perfect location for you to relax, eat, entertain, and more, when you aren’t swimming. You can choose the dimensions of your pergola so that it fits perfectly in the designated area and functions how you’d like it to. Pergolas are awesome for use outdoors because they are made of treated wood that can withstand the elements, and are very low maintenance when it comes to taking care of them.


Installing a fence around your pool is an excellent way to make your pool as safe as possible. This fence can either encompass all the landscaping around your pool, or it can simply go around your pool. In either case, you will want to choose a fence style that you can see through and one that has a very secure locking system.

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