What Businesses Could Use an In-Ground Pool

What Businesses Could Use an In-Ground Pool
September 10, 2020 sdcadmin
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Commercial properties come in many sizes and shapes, and some of them could benefit from having an in-ground pool installed. Consider the following situations:

Rental Properties

Many people want to rent a nice home and also fantasize about having an in-ground pool in their (rented) backyard. It’s a natural attraction to families with school-age children, sporty young folks who can’t buy right now, and folks who would prefer to live in luxury even if they are renting. It can be an investment, as the water will look pretty to potential tenants without you having to spend time on landscaping greenery which might die on you. The upkeep will be on the renters most of the time, and it won’t take much to clean it up between renters.

Senior Citizen Centers

Water exercise is great for folks who suffer from arthritis or other joint pains. This means that many of the clients of a senior citizen center will appreciate having easy access to a swimming pool. This lets you create water exercise programs for those who would like a comfortable way to get or stay in shape, or to just have an open swim night for people to hang out. The water will loosen everyone up and add to the fun. It will be relatively easy to have an in-ground pool created that will accommodate your clients’ needs. You just need a relatively shallow end for lounging and exercise classes, and a long, deep part for laps.


Nothing quite rounds out a gymnasium like having a swimming pool on site. This allows you to serve many more customers. There are people with various mobility issues who find it much easier to exercise in water, where buoyancy can lift some stress from their joints as they work out. There are many people who find weight machines and treadmills daunting, but will gladly spend all day in the water. A pool gives you a well-rounded facility that can attract many people with fitness goals.

We can help you if your commercial property would be enhanced by a pool. We design and install fun and comfortable pools for commercial properties, so contact us for more information.

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