How The Weather Changes Your Pool Service Needs

How The Weather Changes Your Pool Service Needs
August 27, 2020 sdcadmin
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There are many factors that contribute to a healthy pool. For instance, you might have a regular weekly or bi-weekly schedule that normally keeps your pool functioning at its peak, but then some event whacks the pH off-kilter and makes a mess. One of those events that can interfere with your scheduled maintenance is the weather.


Adding rainwater changes the pool’s pH by diluting the water. This can make the pool more acidic, which can make swimming less comfortable by irritating the skin and eyes. It also can make the chlorine less effective, which will lead to bacteria having a chance to thrive. Chlorine kills bacteria, but it takes time and it works best if the water has a pH between 7.2 to 7.8 according to the CDC, so heavy rainfall can decrease the effectiveness.

It might be a good idea to call in your pool maintenance people after a week of heavy rain to correct the pH balance and chlorine levels.


Chlorine is used up when it breaks down contaminants, but it also is broken down by sunlight. There is then less of the chemical to disinfect water. The UV light from sunlight famously makes plastic brittle after long exposure. Your plastic pool parts, such as parts of your filter, can become fragile and break after sitting out under the sun.

If your pool and its plastic parts are in full sun most of the time, your pool maintenance company should take special care to check your filter and other accessories for damage.


Debris from nearby trees can change the pH of your pool water by introducing tannins and other contaminants. Free chlorine then gets spent on breaking up these bits, and then there is less to kill bacteria. The debris can also stain your pool surfaces if it isn’t cleaned up quickly.

You will want to keep a net on hand or invest in an automatic vacuum for your pool if your pool is subject to high winds and is near landscaping features.

Keep your pool looking its best so you can always enjoy it. If you are looking for experienced pool maintenance people, contact us.

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