In-Ground Pool Renovation Ideas

In-Ground Pool Renovation Ideas
November 25, 2021 sdcdesign
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Are you feeling dissatisfied with that old backyard swimming pool that is part of a home you just purchased or has your pool gone for ages without proper renovation? Worry no more; there are plenty of ideas that can transform your inground pool without digging deep in your pocket. With an appropriate professional with a host of skills and experience, your swimming pool can never be the same again.

One of the challenges experienced by private and commercial pool owners is feeling like the cost of a significant pool renovation is too big to accommodate. Fortunately, it is now possible than ever to make some dramatic changes to your pool without having to spend a fortune. Some of the renovations and upgrades can save you some costs in the long run through efficiency and more advanced technology. Here are some of the ideas that will transform your In-Ground Pool.


Pay attention to the areas around your pool, beginning with the deck and coping at the edge of the pool. If you are not comfortable with what you see, consider stampcrete, wood or stone that will automatically refurbish your pool deck.

When it comes to the interior surfaces, there are endless choices, especially for concrete pools that have additive for color and reflection of the light. Ensure you add texture to your pool through quartz aggregates and smooth pebble surfaces. As an owner, you can go the extra mile and decide to install your liners with the help of a professional company, ensuring a complete change in the shades and patterns of your pool.


Some of the significant pool renovations include entirely changing the shape of your pool. While this might sound expensive, some renovations, such as adding or enlarging the walk-in steps or raising the flow to have a shallow water tanning shelf, may be a worthwhile cost-effective undertaking.
You can go the extra mile and add a spa to the pool, making it classier and more beautiful. You can do this by attaching it and spilling over into the pool, giving more reasons to spend time around your pool.


Everything will always need an upgrade; it is impossible to enjoy a 20-year pool service at this current age and time. Some items, including the filtration system, need some upgrades to offer efficiency and a cost-cutting strategy. The use of items such as VS pump will go along, saving you 75% of the energy utilized. Additions such as mineral purifiers or salt chlorinators will ensure the balance of the pool chemistry. Other additions such as new valves and heat pumps for the inground pool will save more than half of the gas heater’s energy consumption.


Nowadays, many pool users consider pools with water features, and this is being appreciated by pool owners as one of the best pool renovation ideas. You can go for a small bubbler and fountain or opt for the large cascades or waterfalls; it can be implemented if you like.

To learn more pool design tips to make your pool as safe as possible, or to get started on creating your safe pool design today, visit us at Alan Jackson Pools.

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