What to Expect During an In-ground Pool Construction

What to Expect During an In-ground Pool Construction
November 18, 2021 sdcdesign
Is an in-ground pool really worth the cost?

Planning to have a swimming pool in your backyard can be an exciting time. An in-ground pool has several benefits, including durability, enhanced water flow rates, and customization options.

Planning and Excavation

During the planning stage considerations include the area, design, and compliance with the existing construction laws. However, when the construction work starts, an in-ground pool requires excavation. Your pool contractor will create a layout based on the area and desired shape of the pool. They will then pre-grade the area, check the soil conditions, and access to the pool. Other factors that the contractor will consider are drainage and safety.

Rough Plumbing

Once a hole is dug, the contractor will dig trenches to lay pipes.  Then, the expert will install conduits for electrical connections. During this stage of the construction, the pool professional will lay suction and return lines, fill, vacuum cleaner, electrical, and gas lines.  Note that the fireplaces and barbecues that you would want to add to the pool area will use these installations.

Steel Installation

A rebar contractor will tie steel with a baling wire to create a grid pattern of the swimming pool. A structural engineer will be on-site to supervise the laying of the steel. The steel will also cover the walls to ensure the strength of the pool structure.

Gunite and Rock Installation

After the steel installation, a team will install concrete on the pool surface.  The concrete forms the shell of your pool and gives it shape.  You will be required to hose the structure with water for at least seven days to cure the concrete. This process will be followed by the installation of a waterline tile or rock.

Installation of Equipment and Landscaping

The final bit of the construction involves installing equipment for your pool. Some of the equipment includes pumps, heaters, control panels, and lights. A final waterproofing task will be undertaken to ensure that there are no leaks.  We then start to fill the pool in readiness for the handover to the owner. In addition, we will test all the equipment and safety measures.

Finally, we clear soil and excess material from the site. Reach out to Alan Jackson Pools to get your dream in-ground pool in a short period.

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