Create Your Dream In-ground Pool and Landscaped Backyard

Create Your Dream In-ground Pool and Landscaped Backyard
December 9, 2021 sdcdesign
Pool Installations Involve More Than Just Digging a Hole

A custom in-ground pool design is the perfect way to give your backyard the lavish look that it deserves. In-ground pools are very popular for homeowners who want to spend quality leisure time out of doors. If you are ready to spend some quality leisure time out of doors, get a designer pool from a company that has designed over a thousand of them.

Consider Your Style 

The first thing to do when considering a custom in-ground pool design is to analyze your personal taste and style. Think about the types of activities you like to do.  Will this be for swimming and lounging in the sun? Will you be doing a lot of entertaining?  Do you want an outdoor haven that incorporates a pool with a designer landscape as well?

Think About Landscaping

Alan Jackson Pools, Inc., can bring your dream to life.  While they can design the pool and integrate it with the landscape, they install the pool only and leave the landscaping to a landscaping specialist.  However, since they do the complete designing, you know that the finished product will be what you want for your lifestyle.

Material Options

If you are interested in creating a more upscale look, than using natural stone may be the right choice for you. Natural stone tends to be more expensive,  but the difference it makes is noticeable. A stone pool gives your entire landscape a luxurious look.  A well-designed stone pool integrated into a well-designed landscape can increase the value of your home. Installing a stone in-ground swimming pool in your yard will add significant aesthetic appeal to your property.

Special Design Additions

A nice addition to a custom in-ground pool design is water feature such as a waterfall. Waterfalls add elegance to any landscape.  Many people choose to include waterfalls in their landscapes because they add a peaceful and relaxing ambiance to the surroundings.

While you are thinking about what you want to create, go visit Alan Jackson Pools for some ideas.  They have designed over 1000 pools and have 35 years of experience.  Visit them today!

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