Tips for Planning Your Next Swimming Pool Installation

Tips for Planning Your Next Swimming Pool Installation
August 20, 2020 sdcadmin

Installing a new swimming pool is one of the most exciting ways you can renovate your home. However, the planning process is not as simple as many homeowners think it is. At Alan Jackson Pools, we specialize in pool construction and installation as well as assisting homeowners in getting the pool of their dreams at affordable rates. The following tips will provide you with the basic information you need to begin preparing for your next swimming pool installation.

Create a Budget

Creating a renovation budget is the most important step in planning for pool installation because it will help you spend your money wisely. Calculate your finances to determine which size pool you can afford, and create a list of pool accessories you may be interested in such as lighting, streams, waterfalls, spas, decking, vanishing edges, pool theaters, and much more. Adding these features to your pool will instantly increase your home’s value and make great use of unoccupied living space around your home.

Check for Wires and Utilities around Your Home

Swimming pools can’t be installed near underground utilities or under overhead wires. You will need to make sure there are no gas lines or drain lines under your home in the area you plan to have your pool installed. While overhead wires are easy to notice, underground utilities are not as easy to spot and may require utilizing the support of a professional pool installation contractor.

Measure Your Property

Apart from knowing which pools you can financially afford, you will also have to know which pools you can physically afford with your property. Measuring the length and width of your property where you plan to have your pool installed will give you this answer. Depending on your situation, prerequisites to having your pool installed may be removing grass, fences, or walls from your property to meet space requirements.

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