Grow Plants in Your Garden — Not in Your Swimming Pool

Grow Plants in Your Garden — Not in Your Swimming Pool
April 4, 2019 sdcadmin

It’s a simple truth. Owning a pool can be expensive if you don’t have the right equipment. Investing in upgrades to your equipment is easy and will save you a lot of money over the life of your pool. Not to mention, should you decide to sell your home, these upgrades will be very attractive to any buyer.

Automating Pool Maintenance

  • Use automated timers to control the pump and heater, saves you time and money.
  • Add a chlorine feeder or saltwater chlorination system.
  • Use an automatic pool cleaner to minimize your physical effort in keeping the pool clean.

Upgrading Systems to be More Energy Efficient

  • Using a single-speed pump? It may be advantageous to switch to a variable-speed pump. It gives you more control over the power and speed, meaning you have better control over energy consumption.
  • Ditch your gas or electric heater and get one of the more efficient models. There are lots of great choices and the one you choose should be based upon your unique needs, but options include:
    • Solar pool heaters
    • Air source pool heat pumps
    • Water source pool heat pumps
    • Incorporating black hose throughout the landscaping to absorb heat from the sun, then pumped back into the pool

Renovations That Add Comfort & Versatility

  • Design your dream pool with one or more ledges around the sides to give you a more comfortable space to relax in just next to the water, without actually going in. Place a few deck chairs and a table on it to let you comfortably dangle your feet in the water while sipping your favorite cool beverage.
  • The color of the finish of your pool can play a large part in keeping your pool temperature just right for your area. Pool owners who desire warmer temperatures (and a more natural appearance) may opt for a darker liner which attracts more heat from the sun, thus helping you use your heater less often. And, those who desire cooler temperatures may decide to have a lighter finish, reflecting sunlight away.

Have a design for your dream pool in mind, or need some inspiration? Contact us today to discuss options that fit your unique home, lifestyle, personality, and goals.

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