What You Need To Know About In-Ground Pools

What You Need To Know About In-Ground Pools
July 28, 2022 sdcdesign
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Have you been thinking about using your lawn space by installing an in-ground pool? A great way to get prepared is by learning how in-ground pools are constructed, what to expect, the materials utilized, and course of events, completing materials, and issues to avoid while installing an in-ground pool.

How Are In-Ground Pools Constructed?

First, the client should enroll in the services of expert pool installers and let them know what design they would like for their pool. Then, at that point, the dividers and the opening floor are supported with steel bars and cement to build their sturdiness. After the plan has been picked, we will unearth the pool region.

What to Expect

A hole in your backyard filled with water and the pool can have any shape, from square shapes, hearts, or anything you want. The pool additionally has steps or slopes and other features.

Materials Used

Concrete and plaster are the most involved building materials in the in-Ground Pool. Concrete is sturdy and porous, permitting the shell to hold water, be steady, and be replastered when expected to increment its life span.


From designing and obtaining permits, the excavation and the actual installation can take from 6 weeks to 8 weeks for concrete pools. Other factors like the size and features of the pool you want, how accessible is your back yard, the weather, contractor, and inspection can determine your construction timeline.

Finishing materials

Plaster, paint, smooth pebbles, glass beads, a surface-level deck, landscape of your backyard, pool lighting, and water features.

Reach us at Alan Jackson Pools, Inc. to get your custom in-ground pool today. With 35 years in pool services, we have taken care of every one of our projects diligently and professionally and guarantee complete consumer satisfaction you can trust our team has the knowledge and technical skills to handle pool construction from start to finish.

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