Telltale Signs Your In-ground Pool Needs Resurfacing

Telltale Signs Your In-ground Pool Needs Resurfacing
August 11, 2022 sdcdesign
Why do I need Pool Service?

Even with routine maintenance, pools wear out over time. Sometimes, the surface gets so worn out that the only way to restore its luster is through pool resurfacing. Many homeowners assume that routine maintenance will get their pools into shape and are oblivious of signs that make resurfacing necessary. Next, we explain what to look out for.

Peeling or Flaking

One telltale sign that you need resurfacing done is when the edges of the pool floor or wall start flaking. This process is called spalling, and it happens when the pool water pH is extremely low. A low pH makes the water acidic, causing the soluble calcium hydroxide to dissolve and destroy the pool’s plaster.


Pools develop large cracks over time, especially if you drain the water and leave the surface material exposed to the sun. Extreme temperature changes cause cracks as the cement expands and contracts frequently. These cracks leave the pool susceptible to leaks and the growth of microorganisms like algae. Pool resurfacing eliminates these cracks, preventing further damage.


Many factors, including dirt, microorganisms, chemicals, and pool discoloration, lead to pool stains. Routine maintenance goes a long way in eliminating pool stains, but hardcore surface stains caused by chemicals need pool resurfacing to remove them.

The marks may be of green, red, or brown colors, which result from metal stains. In the case of discoloration, the water may have high calcium levels, causing the pool surface to develop scaling.

Rough Areas

The pool floor may develop rough spots that can scuff your feet. Rough spots develop over time as the pool surface wears out. They may result from unexpected damage, chemical imbalance, or the incorrect installation of the pool surface.

All such problems indicate your pool needs resurfacing. Alan Jackson Pools professionals are experts in this area, and you can rest assured that your pool will be in tip-top shape in no time. Contact us today for all your in-ground pool needs.


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