Three Questions to Ask Before Installing a Pool in Your Yard

Three Questions to Ask Before Installing a Pool in Your Yard
July 5, 2018 sdcdev
Three Questions to Ask Before Installing a Pool in Your Yard

While summer has not officially arrived, the weather is quickly getting warmer, and you might be thinking that it would be nice to have a backyard pool. Before getting a pool in your yard, it is important to ask yourself three questions.


Where Do I Want the Pool?

Picking a place for your pool can be a fun experience. Maybe you want it close to the house so you can barbeque from the deck while watching the kids swim. Perhaps, you have a certain area of your yard that is either already fenced off or that can easily be fenced off for your pool. You may want to even come up with a few options for your pool space. Then we can offer advice on how a pool would work in different areas of your yard.


What Do I Want from My Pool?

There’s a good chance that you’ve imagined your dream pool in your head or at least that you have a few ideas of how you want your pool to look. Do you want a basic, long rectangular pool?  Will your pool have curves or need to be built around your yard’s odd shape? Are you looking for extra features in your pool? Waterfalls, slides, and adjacent spas are fun extras to add to your pool. If you plan on using your pool after dark, you will likely want lighting added around your pool.


Who Will Maintain the Pool?

While owning a pool is fun, it also requires responsibility. Make sure you and your family are prepared to take on that responsibility or that you are ready to hire someone else to keep your pool in top form. With our pool maintenance package, we will perform seasonal inspections and handle the general maintenance of your pool.


If you would like to know more about getting your own backyard pool and keeping it in good repair, contact us.

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