Pool Service: How To Determine Maintenance Frequency

Pool Service: How To Determine Maintenance Frequency
July 12, 2018 sdcdev
Pool Service: How To Determine Maintenance Frequency

Nothing beats the refreshing touch of a crystal clear pool—especially on a hot summer day. It’s no secret that maintaining water clarity is crucial for pool owners.

But the question often arises on the subject of frequency. How often should you clean your pool? And what’s the best way to create a new maintenance schedule for long-term success?


Maintenance Frequency

There are many aspects to consider when scheduling a pool maintenance routine. Simple tasks, like debris removal or pH regulation, can often be handled on a daily or weekly basis. Hardier tasks like pump and filtration cleansing may be necessary on a monthly basis. How often you need to address these areas will depend on a multitude of factors. Is the pool an indoor or outdoor pool? How often is the pool used? Even environmental factors, such as plant debris, can have a huge impact.


Long-Term Care

Devising a plan for long-term success begins with a thorough evaluation. In some cases, it’s advisable to seek the help of a skilled professional. Experienced technicians can often identify potential problem areas. Once you have an idea of how much work is required, you can finally start a plan. You’ll need a complete list of every pool component that requires regular attention—this includes things like filters, pumps, and checking the pH levels. Include the optimal maintenance frequency alongside each item. Having a documented log of your pool maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure consistency. A reference log provides an excellent visual cue for any improvement areas in your maintenance routine.


Professional Experience

Many pool owners prefer to choose a professional experience. Alan Jackson Pools has been in the pool service industry for over 35 years. When it comes to maintaining your private oasis, there’s no better place to go.


If you’re in the High Desert Area—this includes Santa Clarita, Lancaster, and Palmdale—it’s time to request an assessment. Reach out to our qualified team of professionals to schedule an appointment today.

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