Pool Service 101: 3 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Pool Owner

Pool Service 101: 3 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Pool Owner
February 1, 2017 sdcpm

While having a pool on your home property is undoubtedly a wonderful luxury, like every great luxury, it comes with a set of responsibilities. Just as a house must be maintained, so must a pool. Before you decide to have a pool installed on your property, take a look at these three important maintenance tasks provided by the pool service experts.

  1. A Little Bit of Cleaning Effort Goes a Long Way: When you own a pool, it is important to keep debris out of the water as much as possible. While leaves and other debris are still floating atop the water, keep a net handy in order to get them out before they sink to the bottom. By doing this regularly, you are avoiding serious buildup of debris at the bottom of the pool that could lead to big repair expenses.
  2. Keep a Vacuum And Brush on Hand: To maintain the longevity of a pool for years to come, it is important to vacuum and brush the pool on a weekly basis. You can either hire professionals to do this or invest in a vacuum and brush and do it yourself. When you vacuum the pool floor and brush the pool’s walls and tiles, you are reducing calcium deposits and algae buildup, which could become bigger problems if they are not addressed weekly.
  3. Have The Pool Heater Professional Serviced: Pool maintenance professionals would recommend having your pool heater serviced once a month. If the heater is not regularly checked it could lead to a calcium buildup, which restricts the heater from heating the pool properly.

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