Important Cost Considerations Beyond Pool Construction

Important Cost Considerations Beyond Pool Construction
February 8, 2017 sdcpm

When it comes to pool construction, you may think that all you need to do is pay for designing and building the pool. That’s inaccurate, as there are a variety of other cost considerations you need to understand. None will break the bank, but they should be added to your budget.

Pool Equipment

Investing in water pumps, lights, pool covers, pool ladders, and other items will add at least $200 or so to your pool bill. While you won’t need to add new pumps or lights every season, they may require careful inspection by a professional if they stop working.

Opening And Closing The Pool

Every summer and fall, you need to open and close the pool. This means that water is added or removed from your pool, the pool cleaned, chemicals added, and the storage cover folded up and stored. This usually costs around $150 per session.

The Cost Of Pool Chemicals

A good pool needs an intake of various chemicals to keep it clean and to avoid bacteria buildup. For example, you’ll need to purchase chlorine and other cleaners and ensure that they are installed properly in the distribution device. Expect about $50 minimum per month that the pool is open.

Maintaining Your Pool

The surface of your pool will need to be maintained occasionally to keep it in good shape. For example, vinyl must be replaced every seven years or so, concrete must be painted every five years, while plaster will last about 15 years. This will cost $500-$1,000 depending on the pool type.

When you break down the expected costs, a pool should really only add a couple hundred dollars to your bills every year. This should be easy to maintain as long as you make sure to put aside a little money every month in a special pool fund. To learn more about pool construction costs, please contact us today.

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