Pool Designing: Choosing the Right Size For Your Swimming Pool

Pool Designing: Choosing the Right Size For Your Swimming Pool
January 11, 2018 sdcpm

One of the key factors in installing a swimming pool is the size of it. You’ll need to know exactly how much space it will take up before you even begin to do any other planning. While there are standard sizes to choose from, you can ultimately get just about any size that you want. Check out some factors that can help you determine the right size for you.


What is it For?

Take a good look at what you really plan on using your swimming pool for. Some people may just want a place to take a quick dip and cool off, whereas you wouldn’t need a very large pool. Others may want it for the sake of swimming laps, whereas you would want to go the larger route. Also, consider how many people you’ll have using the pool to ensure that everyone will have enough room to move around. If you’re going to use it for parties and such, make sure that it’s big enough to accommodate your guests. Also, if you’re planning to put in a diving board you’ll need to plan for the proper depth of the pool.



It’s important that you always know your limitations when choosing the size of your swimming pool. Cost is definitely the biggest factor, since your budget may tell you how big of a pool you’re allowed get. Space is another big factor. Your pool has to fit in your backyard with enough space leftover for a deck and other activities. And remember the bigger your pool is the more work it is to maintain it, so make sure that you have enough time to tend to it.


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