What Can Go Wrong With a Poorly Maintained Pool

What Can Go Wrong With a Poorly Maintained Pool
January 18, 2018 sdcpm
What Can Go Wrong With a Poorly Maintained Pool

Pools require a lot of maintenance in order to keep them safe and looking nice. There is more to pool maintenance than just whether your pool looks good or not. You have to consider safety and hygiene as well. Take a look at what can go wrong with a poorly maintained pool.



If you do not properly take care of your pool and your pool area, you are significantly increasing the risk of someone drowning in your pool. You will need the proper childproof fencing and locked gates. Not only will they prevent drownings, but they will also prevent unauthorized access from guests, as well as keep trespassers out. Make sure the fence is always in good repair and that the gates are always locked when the pool is not in use.


Health Hazards

If your pool is not properly chlorinated, or if your filtration system is failing, algae and other organisms will turn the water a gross green color. Once algae have really established itself in your pool, it may be too late to clean the water. You will likely have to drain and refill the pool before it is safe to swim in again. Swimming in this green water can make you sick.



And obviously, a poorly maintained pool is a huge eyesore. It can ruin the whole enjoyment of your yard and your home. Nobody wants to hang out next to a filthy pool. Keep the pool sparkling year round with proper maintenance and upkeep.


Keeping a safe and pretty pool requires lots of cleaning, water testing, and chemicals, as well as closely monitoring the filtration system and any other pieces of equipment. Contact us at Alan Jackson Pools for help.

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