A Mixed Landscaping Idea That Looks Great For Your Pool

A Mixed Landscaping Idea That Looks Great For Your Pool
November 2, 2017 sdcpm

Are you interested in creating the kind of pool landscaping look that everyone will love? Then consider a fun mixed concept. This idea mixes stone and grass in a variety of different ways to create an alluring style.


Grass And Stone Go Well Together

When designing an area to place your pool, it isn’t a bad idea to create a style that mixes grass and stone. We’ve found that this creates an eye-catching look that makes people interested in your pool. This fact is especially true of the pool deck because few people really take the time to decorate this area. Grass and stone, particularly concrete, look great around a pool.


Create Intriguing Layers

How can you create a mixed landscaping design for your pool area? We suggest creating fun layers that contrast with each other beautifully. For example, you could have rectangular or squares made out of each material. These squares or rectangles could overlap to create engaging designs. You could also lay strips that create an alternating pattern.


Add Colorful And Gorgeous Decorations

Highlight your design by adding colorful and gorgeous decorations to your pool. A natural waterfall is always a good choice because it will create a stunning style. However, you can also add sculptures and even small gardens around the pool. In this way, you create a great look that will make your pool the envy of all your friends.


If you need help designing the landscape of your pool, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you design the kind of pool look that will capture the imagination of everyone in your neighborhood.


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