The Importance of Equipment Maintenance as Part of Your Pool Service

The Importance of Equipment Maintenance as Part of Your Pool Service
November 9, 2017 sdcpm

Keeping your pool clean and free of debris is a great way to maintain it, but good pool maintenance goes a lot deeper than that. You have to think about the equipment, too. You must absolutely keep up with cleaning the filters, pumps, and other equipment used to heat and clean your pool as well. Take a look at why equipment maintenance is such an important part of your pool service.


Pump and Filter 

The purpose of your pool pump is to flush debris from out of the water and into the filter basket in order to keep your pool clean and keep the pipes clear. How often you should check the filter depends on the size of the filter basket and how much debris typically accumulates in your pool on a daily basis. Pools that have lots of trees and mulch surrounding them typically need to have their filters cleaned more often since these are main culprits for clogging filters. Having a fence around your pool or a cover on it will help to reduce the amount of debris that gathers in the water.



Always shut off the power to the motor before cleaning the pool pump. Only then can you safely open the lid of the pool pump and remove the filter basket. Clean out any accumulated debris and then rinse the filter with a hose. Replace the filter basket and turn the pump back on to ensure that all is working well again. You will eventually need to replace the motor on your pool pump, but keeping up with proper maintenance will definitely make it last longer.


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