Pool Service: How Long Should You Run Your Pool Pump During Winter?

Pool Service: How Long Should You Run Your Pool Pump During Winter?
November 30, 2016 sdcpm
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In an effort to save money, many people turn off their pool pumps completely during winter. If you are one of them, you may be surprised to know that running your pool pump is needed in the off-season for a number of reasons. How long and how often depend on a number of things that we will discuss below.

Outdoor Temperature

Your pump should be running for between eight to ten hours per day anytime the temperature is above 65 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. As such, you will likely be at full operation for a few weeks before and after the swimming season, as well as during any particularly warm winter days. Running your pump this long allows for good circulation, something that is important for maintaining clear, clean water.

Should temperatures dip below 35 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll need to operate your pump continuously to prevent it from freezing.  Some variable speed pumps have built-in freeze sensors that will detect very cold temperatures and then turn your pump on automatically. If yours does not contain a freeze sensor, you’ll need to turn yours on manually. Ensure you do not forget by adding it to your “freeze preparation” to-do list so it can be taken care of when you are draining outside spigots and wrapping pipes.

Eliminating Debris

Even if you have your pool covered, some debris may still get in it during the winter. For this reason, you should consider running your pump on occasion whenever the outdoor temperature is between 35 and 65 degrees. Around four to six hours should be sufficient to remove debris and help promote good circulation.

Running your pool pump during the winter will make starting your pool up in spring a breeze. It will also allow you to discover problems with your pump much sooner so that you can contact us before the summer swimming season begins.


Pools Residential Commercial

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