Have You Checked Your Pool Drain Lately?

Have You Checked Your Pool Drain Lately?
November 23, 2016 sdcpm

All across the country, citizens are taking advantage of every opportunity to swim and lounge around the pool before another summer comes to an end. We hope that if you have young children, or are a caregiver to young children, one of your accomplishments this summer involved helping them to learn how to swim. Swimming skills, especially when acquired young, can be an important part of pool safety.

While dedicated pool owners may be meticulous with the chemical balance in their pool, and have their pool cleaned out on a regular basis, there may be a danger lurking deep on the bottom that they are unaware of. That danger involves the pool drain. For young swimmers, the pool drain presents an exciting challenge. After all, not everyone can swim to the bottom of the deep end to touch the drain. The suction can be fascinating, yet that suction may present a certain level of danger.

Years ago, after several deadly incidents, it was discovered that the seemingly harmless flat drains that were commonly found on the bottom of swimming pools, created more suction than pool designers understood. If a person’s torso was to completely cover the drain, this suction was strong enough to hold that person to his peril.

In recent years, public pools have been required by law to replace flat drains with anti-entrapment drains. These new drains are designed to make it impossible to completely cover the drain, reducing the likelihood of entrapment. Rather than being flat, these new drains are raised, and suck water in from the top and the sides. Most newer pools come with anti-entrapment drains, however some older, privately owned pools have yet to be retrofitted.

We understand that when the weather is hot, and the kids are bored, the pool can be enticing. Next time you’re ready to take a dip, take a moment and check the drain. If you believe your drain needs to be updated, contact us today!

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