Which Is Better: Concrete Pool or Vinyl Liner Pool?

Which Is Better: Concrete Pool or Vinyl Liner Pool?
February 25, 2021 sdcadmin
What You Should Consider If You Decide to Build a New Pool

Outdoor swimming pools provide a great area for recreation or relaxing on your property, but the problem for many homeowners is that the options are too vast. If you’re considering getting a vinyl liner or concrete pool, you’ll be more familiar with the differences between both options by the end of this article. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of concrete pools and vinyl liner pools will help you make a better decision about which in-ground swimming pool is best for your home.


Concrete pools will take more time to install than vinyl liner pools. Therefore, it is best to schedule your concrete pool installation at least 3-6 months in advance of the time you are expecting to have it, while vinyl liner pools can be completed in about 4-8 weeks. If installation time is an important concern for you, vinyl liner pools will probably be the best option.


The cost of vinyl liner pools is generally less than concrete pools. Installation prices for concrete pools can range from $50,000-100,000, while vinyl liner pools will usually cost about $20,000-50,000. However, the lining in vinyl liner pools can get punctured or torn over time will usually need to be replaced about every 5-10 years, which can cost about $2,000 or more depending on your pool size.


While concrete pools may set you back a little more than vinyl liner pools on initial costs, they will save you money in the long run as they are more durable and usually require only light maintenance to keep in shape. Vinyl liner pools are more damage-prone than concrete pools, and they can become punctured or torn even in cases where they are treated with great care. However, concrete pools are incredibly durable, but they will usually require replastering and acid washing at least every 10 years.

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