Railings: Could Your Pool Design Use Them

Railings: Could Your Pool Design Use Them
February 18, 2021 sdcadmin

Railings are underutilized and often overlooked. People either consider them a boring security requirement only commercial establishments need or forget that they are even a possibility. This is a shame because their presence could enhance your pool. There are at least four reasons to use them.

Add Safety to Stairs

The drop-off, the sudden drop in temperature, and the temptation for non-swimmers to hang out on them make stairs difficult for some to navigate. Railings help people keep their balance as they descend. They also discourage loiterers who might clog the stairway.

Reassure People Using Slides

Some people find slides unnerving because of their height, but railings provide something to hang onto when on one. These railings can line the far sides of the slide or run down the middle, depending on the width and shape of the feature. Anyway you use them, they can add a measure of safety and reassurance to nervous slide users.

Enclose Ledges

If you have a shallow shelf in your pool for pets or small children, the ledge can be made safer for them by lining it with a low railing. This will keep them on the ledge even when you turn around and make sure no one can bother them while they enjoy their water.

To Be Pretty

Railings do not have to be simple metal rods. Railings come with scrollwork and geometric designs, and they can come in any material that can withstand water. You can use them as a decorative element anywhere in the pool and the surrounding area. The look is up to you.

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