When To Design A Pool With A Slide

When To Design A Pool With A Slide
February 27, 2020 sdcadmin

There is something decadent and fun about a pool with a slide. It looks like it belongs in a fancy water park, and it calls to mind children on a slip-and-slide. Slides can provide benefits beyond this, though.

They Provide Accessibility

If one of your family members, a frequent guest, or yourself has some trouble getting around, it can be easier to get into the pool by sliding in rather than walking into it by stairs. It is more gentle on the knees: the splash landing will take the weight off of them completely and distribute any pressure evenly through your body.

They Are More Tempting Than A High-Dive Board

Families with young children know how much a diving platform can call to people too young and small to be using them. Plus, only one person can be up on the board, and that always leads to fights and people who balk once they get to the top of the ladder. Slides are far less scary for those who fear heights but don’t want to look like a chicken in front of their older brother, and you can make them wide enough to allow people to slide down together. A cool slide beckons children away from jumping off the ledge of the pool when there are no diving platforms too.

They’re Always Memorable

You have probably seen dozens of fountains and diving platforms. Slides are less common and will stick out in the minds of your guests as a really neat feature.

Often Easier To Get Approval By The Zoning Board

Pools are already a major undertaking that the municipal authorities will want to check on and license. Such authorities will want to know about the height of any features and how dangerous they are. Slides can be built close to the ground so that the neighbors don’t see it, and they tend to be safe for everyone.

If you are contemplating designing your own pool and have questions about this or any other aspect, contact us. Alan Jackson Pools specializes in making customized in-ground pools and will be only too happy to hear what you are planning.

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