What Kind of Pool Design is Right for You?

What Kind of Pool Design is Right for You?
April 16, 2020 sdcadmin

Pool design means so much more than a big box of water surrounded by grass and lawn chairs. In fact, pool design possibilities are almost endless. Here are just a few.

Explore a Different Shape

Why says a pool has to be rectangular? Why not a round pool or an oval one? You might even want a lagoon-shaped pool. If you want to get away from the ordinary, then it’s time to think outside of the rectangular box.

Recreate Your Favorite Vacation Spot

What is your favorite vacation destination? Cancun? Tuscany? Bali? Why not recreate that happy place with your pool design? Pleasant memories will envelop you every time you take a dip.

Don’t Worry About a Small Space

If you have a small space but want a show-stopping pool, think about using colorful, decorative tile for the pool’s bottom, sides and edges. The tile can blend into surrounding colors or contrast with them to create a stylish water oasis that stands out even if you do not have room for laps.

Get Your Own Island

Have you ever wanted your own personal island? If so, why not put an island in your pool? A pool island is fun, visually appealing and a great place to rest, have a bite or sip a cool drink.

Pool design has come a long way. Nearly anything is possible, from eye-popping tiled pools and stacked infinity pools to non-rectangular pools and pools with islands. When you are ready to create your perfect pool, please contact us. We look forward to making your pool dreams come true.

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