Maximize Your Pool Investment with Expert Servicing and Maintenance

Maximize Your Pool Investment with Expert Servicing and Maintenance
April 23, 2020 sdcadmin
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A swimming pool is more than just a refreshing escape from the hot summer rays; it is an investment that will increase your home’s resale value, and it provides a fun and exciting place for friends and family to come together while making you the king of entertainment. In order to safeguard your investment and ensure your loved ones can enjoy your pool for decades to come, it must be properly serviced and its equipment should be well maintained. This article is intended to help homeowners understand the importance of contacting a skilled pool servicing provider, and why pool equipment should never be neglected in the inspection.

Invest in Seasonal Pool Inspections

Your swimming pool may look beautiful and pristine, but there can be some dirty little culprits lurking in the shadows that only a professional pool inspection can unveil.
Think of a professional pool inspector as an aquatic detective. Based on the pool size, depth, construction materials, location, age, and the manufacturer, a custom inspection will unfold designed to ensure common problem areas don’t threaten your pool’s integrity. An inspection also prevents property damage and expensive repairs. A pool inspection usually consists of the following:

  • Looking for cracks
  • Railings, ladders and diving boards
  • Filter casings
  • Water health
  • Pool equipment
  • Visual inspection of the surrounding pool area

Pool inspections can also help protect your guests from devastating injuries. Every year varying degrees of injuries are reported in pools due to diving boards becoming loose from their brackets. In addition, people have fallen and hit their heads due to loose rails and ladders. Pool inspectors will identify any potential hazards and advise homeowners on options to ameliorate the problems, along with a full written report.

Pool Equipment and Maintenance

When a mechanic services your car they always “check under the hood”, and when it comes to pool maintenance inspecting the equipment falls under the same canopy. This entails a detailed inspection of all the moving parts with a plumbing inspection to ensure all pumps are working correctly and the right water pressure is present. Poor water filtration can cause unsanitary conditions that can make your family sick and even lead to equipment failure. Equipment maintenance will also include an inspector searching for leaks, corrosion, and an analysis of the main drain to ensure everything is up to code.

A swimming pool that functions safely and efficiently will reduce the risk of malfunctions, costly repairs, and the spread of unsanitary water conditions. Protect your investment all year long with routine pool maintenance services, and enjoy decades of safe family splash time with peace of mind knowing that the needle on your property’s resale value moved up several notches.

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