Renovation Ideas To Modernize Your Home’s In-ground Swimming Pool

Renovation Ideas To Modernize Your Home’s In-ground Swimming Pool
September 22, 2022 sdcdesign
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Undoubtedly, inground swimming pools in residential spaces are a limitless source of fun and relaxation for individuals and their families.  Take for instance, during summer most of the outdoor activities are more lively when supplemented by a swimming pool. Unfortunately, after prolonged use of your pool, it may start to look shabby, outdated, and run-down. Such conditions would be a minus for the fun feel someone would crave while using the pool. Luckily, there are numerous ideas that can be implemented to give a home inground swimming pool a refreshed and modern look and feel.

Revamping Ideas For an Inground Pool

When you want to bring your pool up-to-date, there are many areas that can be worked on. Key areas of renovation would either be structural or cosmetic to give the swimming pool an upgraded look. Some of the revamping ideas include:

1. A New Deck for Your Pool

If the decking around your swimming pool looks dilapidated, consider replacing it. Give the area around the pool an entirely fresh look. There are multiple options you could consider depending on the budget:

  • Stampcrete-Classy and not slippery underfoot
  • Stone- Elegant and blends best with nature
  • Wood- Classic and aesthetic

Consider either of these options and consult with a professional to help you choose one that best fits your space.

2. Install Some Lighting

Installing LED lighting in and around the pool will do the magic by upgrading the look and the ambiance of the swimming pool. It will look more beautiful to chill in especially in the late evening with your family or friends. If you are having a party, LED lighting could be adjusted to match the mood of the occasion.

3. Modify Your Pool

Modification is a major renovation approach that gives the swimming pool an entirely different look. Different modification ideas that you can implement include:

  • Modify the shape of the pool
  • Enlarge the walk-in steps
  • Add a spa to your swimming pool

4. Upgrade or Install New Pool Equipment

If you have been using the swimming pool for many years, new or up-to-date equipment around the pool is necessary. New or upgraded equipment bolsters energy efficiency and improves the quality of the swimming pool. Upgrade, maintain, or install the following equipment:

  • Water filtration system
  • Pool water pump
  • Pool heating system

If you have a home swimming pool, maintain and modernize it for a more fulfilling and satisfying enjoyment. If you are in need of quality and affordable inground swimming pool services including maintenance and installation, do not hesitate to contact us. We guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction.



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