Make An Impression With Your Pool Design

Make An Impression With Your Pool Design
October 21, 2021 sdcdesign

Your pool is one amazing aspect of your outdoor oasis, and it can provide you with summer fun for many years to come. However, just because you have a pool, doesn’t mean that you are done with your oasis. There are several additional features that you can add to your pool to make it even better. Here are three great pool design ideas to consider.

Pool Lounge Area 

Having a pool lounge area within your pool can definitely enhance your pool’s overall design. This is a lounge area that is located within your pool and is just above the water level. This includes a space made out of concrete with chairs, a table, and even an overhang to give you some much-needed shade. You can converse, eat, sleep, etc. in this space.

Pool Deck

A deck that goes around some or all of your pool creates a great space to hang out when you aren’t actually in the pool. This is the perfect space for lounge chairs, small tables, umbrellas, or anything else you’d like to have when you are relaxing by the pool. This deck can be created from treated wood, vinyl, or some other durable material that will function well and last you for many years to come.

Poolside Fire Pit

Having a fire pit to enjoy near your pool can make the experience even better for you. This fire pit can be used to warm up when you get out of the cold pool water, to roast hot dogs, cook s’mores, and so much more. You can also create a gorgeous fire pit that flows well with the rest of your pool stone or concrete.

To learn about more awesome pool design ideas, or to have some of these awesome features installed today, visit us at Alan Jackson Pools.

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