3 Steps to Pool Construction

3 Steps to Pool Construction
October 28, 2021 sdcdesign

The build process of your pool can often feel stressful. Knowing what steps lay ahead will help your pool construction run as smoothly as possible. From running all the proper permits to digging, or excavation, to the plumbing installation our team of pool professionals at Alan Jackson Pools, Inc., makes sure that your build process goes as smoothly as possible so that you can enjoy your new swimming pool sooner rather than later!

The process of installing a pool goes something like this:

  • Digging
  • All Plumbing Installed
  • Build Process

Digging the Pool

When digging begins on an in-ground pool, it’s important for workers to keep careful track of where they dig and what they dig up. If they accidentally break through a utility line while digging, for example, it can lead to all sorts of problems later on in construction. Hiring professionals helps avoid costly issues like these. Steel elements will also be installed during this process to help build shape and structure.

Plumbing and Electrical 

All plumbing, including equipment for filtration and heating (such as pumps), should be installed before any building begins. While it’s possible to install pools with only submersible pumps, adding an above-ground pool heater can make your swimming experience more enjoyable. The electrical parts of your pool will also be installed at this time. These important steps help keep your pool running and providing extra comforts over time.

Build Process

Alan Jackson Pools, Inc. in Palmdale, CA, will take a hands-on approach during our pool construction process. Our expert pool builders will work closely with you throughout every step of construction to ensure your pool is built exactly how you want it.

Your comfort and safety are of the utmost importance, so we take care of digging up your backyard space before installing all plumbing components—including underground power supplies and water lines. Then, we only use high-quality materials when it comes time to build your dream swimming pool oasis!

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