Finding the Right Light to Make Your Pool Shine

Finding the Right Light to Make Your Pool Shine
August 9, 2018 sdcdev

Sure, swimming pools are closely associated with summer days and sunny afternoons—but don’t limit the use of your pool only to daytime hours. The expansive lighting market has plenty of customized options, so your pool can truly shine even in the nighttime. Besides making your backyard look its best, the right light is essential to reduce safety hazards that may be hiding in or around your pool. The hundreds of styles available may make the choice seem overwhelming—so we’ve put a few tips together to get you started.


The Right Voltage

Before installing any lights be sure to check local ordinances, some areas require pools to use low voltage (12V) lights. Otherwise, you have the option of using 120V lights, which are traditionally brighter and easier to install. 12V lights will require the use of a transformer, however competitive prices and savings on the back end can make up for the initial cost.


The Right Bulb

The most common types of pool lights are halogen or LED. Halogen are more affordable upfront and can produce a bright white light. However, their energy cost is higher than LEDs, which are more expensive to up front but have a longer lifespan meaning less replacements. Though they aren’t as bright as halogen lights they are available in a myriad of colors and styles.


The Right Style

The style of lights available today is virtually limitless. Besides traditional underwater lights, homeowners can buy battery-operated lights for the surface. Besides being available in different shapes including spheres, pyramids, and cubes, they also cover the color spectrum. Plus they aren’t inground, making them a perfect party accessory in a pinch.


Just because the sun goes down doesn’t make it time to go inside. Alan Jackson Pools can help you find the right lights for your pool or patio. Contact us today to learn more.

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