5 Points to Consider When Designing Your Pool

5 Points to Consider When Designing Your Pool
December 27, 2018 sdcdev

The possibilities in pool designs are endless; your pool should be a reflection of your personal style and personality. No two custom-designed pools are ever the same. From infinity pools to spa niches to elevated waterfalls, your oasis awaits. The experts at Alan Jackson Pools will help you design the pool that showcases your individuality.



Designing a pool takes many things into consideration. For example, if you want waterfalls, the slope of the land could be utilized to achieve a gravity-fed pond to capture the water for recycling, incorporating the falls into the natural landscape.


Pool Shape

The shape of your pool becomes very important to the overall design. Once again, the lay of the land will need to be considered as well as the composition of the soil. For example, if your house is built on a hillside with naturally exposed boulders, these can be incorporated into the overall design, delivering a very unique shape. If your property is very rocky,  building a multi-level pool may have to be considered.


Pool Size

The size of the property and proximity of the pool will not only impact the design of your pool, but also the size. Pool construction has to meet certain requirements in order to remain compliant with local ordinances.


Interior Finish

Pool interiors are no longer relegated to plain gunite and paint. From Bisazza mosaic glass tiles to Black Lagoon luminescence paints, the finish of your pool’s interior can be as unique as it’s overall design. Whether you wish to have a sophisticated Mediterranean courtyard pool, a hacienda-style roaming pool or a lap pool for two, no pool is too small or too big if it brings family and friends together for a gathering.

Your decking and overall landscape/hardscape design should be taken into consideration as well. Do you want wrought iron accents to go with the Mediterranean design? What color and shape of tile do you want for the hacienda-style decking? How many waterspouts and raised waterfalls would you like?  All of these things and more go into designing the perfect pool of your dreams.

Contact Alan Jackson Pools and let their professional pool designers meet with you for a free on-premise consultation–and watch your dream pool ideas come to life.

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